Dr. Linda Reed (Director, Professor); Dr. Rick Reed (President)

Linda Reed grew up in a home with parents who knew what it was to speak another language and immigrate to another country. Since her time of education at Biola University (B.A.) and the University of Texas at Arlington, (M.A focused on linguistics and ESL), Linda has traveled extensively to various nations of the world. Linda loves internationals, and loves teaching. Also a conference speaker, professor at Heritage College, and most of all wife of the President of Heritage, Rick Reed, Linda is passionate to love people from around the globe. In 2017, Linda graduated with a Doctorate in Education and continues to develop programs and teams who teach English. Linda is TESL Ontario and TESL Canada certified. She also has her certifications as a TESL Ontario Theory Instructor as well as the Canadian Language Benchmark Certification (CLB).

Rick Reed serves as the president of Heritage College and Seminary. From time to time, Dr. Rick Reed shows up at ESL social events and group studies. In his university days, Rick spent a summer teaching ESL in Tokyo, Japan.

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