You Get What You Pray For?

Seems like most people were unhappy with our unusually cold winter.  The Weather Network stated:  “North American just had its coldest February since 1994.” Dare we admit that’s just what we prayed for? 

In late November, we began to pray for an ice-skating rink so that our Heritage and ESL students would feel the goodness of God in the midst of COVID and the campus restrictions.  We were able to find a beautiful rink with the dimensions of 40’ by 80’. 

Then we began to pray that the weather would be suitable for skating, as Southern Ontario is not known for Ottawa ice-skating weather.  We actually asked ourselves: “Will we be OK in purchasing this rink if we are never able to skate on it?” 

It seems in response to our prayers, we received extra cold weather.  We skated many weeks in January and February. 

This provided a whole new perspective on winter:  Each morning we checked the weather app and prayed for skating weather.  God was so good to us to send arctic blasts in response!  We saw winter through new eyes:  His kindness and deeper friendships.

I often clarify idioms such as “you get what you pay for.”  May we realize that sometimes we “get what we pray for.” 

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