Walking Towards Wisdom Together

We’ve started a New Year!

There are new students in class Levels 1 and 2, and we’ve started the GLOBAL class.  We now have students from Japan, Korea, and Brazil all streaming in from their homes!

It’s exciting!

Here in Ontario, we are on a strict lockdown.  We can leave only for essentials. 

It’s challenging!

At home, many are juggling kids at home with being online for class.    

It’s busy! 

Being together this week was really special. Actually,

It’s wonderful!

We are not only learning English, but discussing life.  And seeking wisdom. 

Whoever finds [wisdom], finds life, and obtains favor from the LORD. 

It’s essential.   

On Fridays, along with a Lesson Plan, games and chatting, we will be “Walking towards Wisdom” together.  Curious?  Here’s all the Wisdom Lesson Plans:   

It’s not to late to join!  Please register above for Level 1 or Level 2.   

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