Walking Towards Wisdom

Just walking is a privilege.  When I was a child, watching my sister in her wheelchair taught me that walking is a blessing.  In our COVID times, living is a privilege.  Just to live each day, watching the sun rise and set, is a blessing. 

Last week, some of our ESL students walked in the woods on a hidden pathway.  The path is right between some ordinary houses, but most people never find it.  You can live here for ten years and not know about it. 

As you walk in these woods, you can take pictures as the leaves fall, and you can dance (see picture).  It is a great privilege to watch the leaves change with the season.  And it is a blessing to share these simple pleasures with friends. 

In our ESL classes this fall, we want to learn to walk not only in the woods, but to walk towards wisdom.  The path towards wisdom is offered to all of us, but many people never find it. 

Where do we find the path?  Is it hidden?  Wisdom from God is not a hidden path, but it sometimes seems hard to find.  Wisdom comes from God.  The Bible says, “in Jesus are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

There is a pathway.  If you would like to walk with us toward wisdom, you can join one of our online classes.   Walking toward wisdom is a privilege, and it is a blessing!

P.S.  If you would like to do a study of wisdom on your own, download this document, and write in the spaces between the questions.  Let us know that you are on this path!

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